Young 18 to 30 years

Conquer the world with MoraBanc!

Young ambitions

Postgraduate Loan

Your education has no limits

  • Up to 60,000 €

    Provided the monthly fee is not higher than 35 % of your monthly fixed income.

  • Repayment within up to 5 years

    As long as the 65 year age limit is not exceeded.

  • You will get the entire capital at once

    At the beginning of the transaction.

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Zero Loan

Little big projects

  • 0 % interest

    If you are between 16 and 25 years old, so that your little big projects don’t cost you a penny more than you borrowed.

  • Up to 1,500 €

    To finance purchases in bookshops, IT material or your driving license.

  • Repayment within 12 months

    With the payback time adjusted to your needs.

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Car Loan

Get your dream car or motorbike

  • Financing of up to 100%

    We finance up to 100 % of the vehicle’s value so your car or motorbike purchase gets you on the road as quickly as possible.

  • Repayment within up to 5 years

    As long as the 65 year age limit is not exceeded.

  • You can choose the receipt date of the charge

    To fit in with whatever is most convenient for you.

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Eco-Car Loan

Switch to an electric car!

  • No opening or cancelling commissions

    0 % commissions both for partial and total cancellation.

  • Interest rate of Euribor +3 %

    If your salary is paid into, and you have three direct debits from, your MoraBanc account, you have an active credit card and you have purchased life insurance through MoraBanc.

  • Financing of up to 100 %

    We lend you up to 100 % of the vehicle’s value, deducting subsidies and with a maximum amount of 60,000 €.

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Savings Projects

Save now to embark on tomorrow

  • Minimum contributions and full availability

    It allows you to make periodic contributions to investment funds in order to save little by little.

  • Flexibility in your contributions

    You can choose the amount and the regularity.

  • No subscription or reimbursement commissions

    Start enjoying your savings whenever you want at no cost.


MoraBanc Digital

Anywhere, anytime

  • Your bank in your pocket

    Access your accounts from any device, with complete security.

  • Don’t let anything slip by

    Manage your everyday finances with complete freedom, from wherever and whenever you want.

  • Your manager, one click away

    Contact your personal manager whenever you need it, directly from your online banking.

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The top life and health insurance

  • Wide coverage

    Included in case of death and disability and supplementary coverage in case of health, serious illnesses, death…

  • Flexibility and adaptability

    So you can customise your AndorVida insurance with the guarantees that suit you best and modify them whenever you want.

  • Medical advice

    A trusted family doctor will give you sound, reliable answers to your questions within 72 hours.

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Why choose MoraBanc?

Personal account manager

Always at your disposal through multiple communication channels.

Online Banking

So you can manage your financial daily financial routine wherever you are with useful and simple tools.

A supportive bank

Committed to society. Investing in charity projects.

A secure bank

You can rely on the safety of all operations conducted through the digital channels.