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10 January de 2023

Economic outlook for 2023

Inflation remains the dominant global concern, despite the environment of complex geopolitical dynamics such as the military conflict in Ukraine and the territorial tension between China and Taiwan, among many …

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19 December de 2022

La inflación desciende en noviembre y el tono de los bancos centrales se mantiene restrictivo

The improvement in the macroeconomic data, coupled with the easing of the restrictions of China’s Covid-zero policy, may prove to be the catalysts for the start of the so-called “Christmas …

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5 December de 2022

Statements from the central banks and demonstrations in China have marked the end of the month

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4 November de 2022

The ECB raises interest rates again in the face of inflation that does not recede

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19 October de 2022

Presentation of quarterly results

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