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Postgraduate Loan

Unlimited education

  • Up to 60,000€

    Provided the monthly fee is not higher than 35% of your monthly fixed income.

  • Repayment within up to 5 years

    As long as the 65 year age limit is not exceeded

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*Every financing operation is subject to assessment by MoraBanc.

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Your payments

If you are between 18 and 25 years old… this is your card!

Visa Electron Club Jove

  • Always free

    0€ is all you will pay in order to enjoy your debit card. Now and forever.

  • No commissions in ATM withdrawals

    You can withdraw cash from any Visa ATM in the world with no commissions.

  • Discounts in affiliated businesses

    When you purchase with your Visa Electron Club Jove.

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And conquer the world!

Visa Go+

  • First year free of charge

    After which the relevant fee for debit and credit cards will be charged.

  • Withdraw cash with no commissions

    Free cash withdrawals on any ATM in the world so you can access your cash without paying any commission.

  • Discounts in affiliated businesses

    When you purchase with your Visa Go+.

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International presence

A financial group with an international vocation.

Online Banking

So you can manage your financial daily financial routine wherever you are with useful and simple tools.

Transparent information

We place all the information at your disposal.

A secure bank

You can rely on the safety of all operations conducted through the digital channels.