Savings Projects

Save now to embark on tomorrow

Make your future dreams come true by making your savings profitable with little to no effort, with no subscription or reimbursement commissions and with instant liquidity.

  • Minimum contributions and full availability

    It allows you to make periodic contributions to investment funds in order to save little by little.

  • Flexibility in your contributions

    You can choose the amount and the regularity.

  • Your savings are always available

    Start planning your savings whenever you want and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you can access your money whenever you need it.



  • Save gradually with a MoraBanc investment fund so as to better plan for your long-term goals.
  • By investing small amounts at different times, the ups and downs of the market will have less impact on the return on your investment.
  • You can automate your savings and temporarily suspend, increase or reduce them depending on your situation.
  • Access your money when you need it by redeeming your shares.


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