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Our biggest asset: our people

So… what are our people like?

Their main values are their ability to work well in teams, their willingness to be part of a common project and their firm determination to pursue the same goals. At the end of the day, individual initiatives are best reflected and recognised through collective achievement.

Our people are talented professionals whose main concerns are continuous improvement and professional development.

A place where you want to work


Commited to talent

Professional development

We understand talent as motivation, unique abilities and their application. We believe that its value and projection is indispensable – that is why we craft talent maps that help us identify their present value and future potential. This way we can adapt work groups to current requirements, optimising both the individual and the team’s talent.


Training for professional growth


We develop a Training Plan every year based on an annual learning requirements report in order to ensure knowledge of technical skills such as banking management, IT tools or languages, among many others. We have increased the number of training hours up to 16,000 in recent years.

In parallel to this, we also have an Induction Plan that, in addition to introducing new employees to the company’s culture, covers any training needs that may be required.


Enjoy working

Health and well-being

Enjoying work means working well. That is why we focus our efforts so that our employees feel satisfied outside of their daily duties. We promote a healthy diet and encourage physical activity through discounts at different sports organisations.

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Join a dynamic and young team and find out what it is like to be part of a growing company.

We offer several categories: Internships, Summer scholarships and Traineeships. Find out about these options here.

Please, send us your application and should we have available vacancies, we will inform you about the next steps.

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