Peace of mind for you and your relatives


The top life and health insurance

A complete and customisable life and health insurance so you can cover unforeseen events.

  • Wide coverage

  • Flexibility and adaptability

  • MoraSalut complementary guarantee

  • Medical advice

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AndorVida tailored to you

Your AndorVida insurance can be supplemented with the additional guarantees that suit you best. We highlight three of them so you can make the most of your AndorVida insurance for you and your loved ones:

Highlighted guarantees

MoraSalut guarantee

Health in every stage of life

A flexible health guarantee that adapts to you – if your needs change during your life, so will your insurance.

  • Choose from two plans
  • Coverage of up to 100% of the medical expenditure
  • You choose your doctors
  • Home medical care

Critical illness guarantee

Protect yourself against the risk of suffering from a high-cost serious illness

MoraBanc offers you a guarantee so that you can enjoy full protection should you suffer from a high cost disease.

  • Serious illnesses coverage
  • Insured capital
  • Insurance for unforeseen and unfortunate events

Funeral guarantee

Your family don’t need to worry

Funeral guarantee covers the burial costs so that your family doesn’t have to, in the hardest of times.

  • No age limit
  • It covers the transport and funeral services
  • Adaptability and flexibility

A great insurance company for a great group

From specialised health insurance solutions to insurance products such as savings insurances, retirement plans for private individuals, professionals and freelancers, these are just some of the pioneering initiatives that MoraBanc Assegurances, Grupo MoraBanc’s insurance company created in 1992, can offer.

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