Process your VAT refunds quickly and efficiently

Process your VAT refunds quickly and efficiently

Did you know that you can now claim your VAT refunds for purchases made in Spain through MoraBanc and Global Blue Tax Free?

In a word: yes. MoraBanc has signed a collaboration agreement with Global Blue, a leading company in its sector, for processing the paperwork for purchases made on Spanish territory, both for MoraBanc customers and non-customers.

The refunds claimed on Global Blue Spain tax-free forms is now an easy, quick and convenient process.

  • It is easy because you can submit the forms at any MoraBanc branch.
  • It is quick because you don’t have to queue. You just have to put your forms in the Global Blue mailbox found in every branch.
  • It is convenient because after a few days the payment of the corresponding amount will be directly made to the credit card specified on the form.

You just have to fill in the following information required on the refund form:

  • The card number where you would like to receive the refund.
  • A contact telephone number and email, in the event that any problems are encountered on the form.

Oh! Above all, don’t forget to have the form digitally stamped by customs before sending it, so that afterwards you can submit it at any of our branches open in the seven parishes.

buzón Global Blue oficinas MoraBanc

What’s more, if you are the holder of one of our MoraBanc Gold or Platinum cards, you will have access to the VIP lounges Global Blue has in Barcelona and Madrid, where you will be able to relax in an exclusive space while the Global Blue team handles the processing of your tax-free shopping refund. Using this service will not only allow you to choose the way you want the refund (card, cash or current account) but you can also receive it in advance.

Following this agreement, your paperwork will be easier, in line with our aim to provide a wide range of solutions and services to the people who live in Andorra.

For further details, contact your manager or call Telebanc on 884 884.

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