Discretionary management

Your investments in expert hands

Professional Criteria

Your investment portfolio management requires a high qualification, quick response and a deep understanding of the markets and available products. These are the premises that MoraBanc’s investment managers live by – professionals engaged in the management of your assets in a delegated way in order to obtain the best possible yield according to your investment profile.

Constant Feedback

Your expert investment manager will meet periodically with you and will work with a team of specialists in different fields in order to:

  • Define your goals and your investment profile.
  • Study your assets and suggest solutions that suit your interests.
  • Access the different financial markets and types of assets.
  • Control your portfolio’s volatility.
  • Follow up, report your positions’ current situation and apply any necessary changes.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Applies the strategy followed by MoraBanc Asset Management’s Investment Committee.
  • Construction of the portfolio that best adapts to your risk profile.
  • Diversified and liquid portfolio.
  • Investment tracking.
  • Attractive rates.

Two types of investment portfolios

Mora Selection

Discretionary Management Service through investment funds with open architecture. It combines both MoraBanc and external funds.

Mora Premier

Discretionary Management Service through fixed-income and equities, including shares, bonds and debentures, and investment funds.


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