5 key aspects of Client Experience

5 key aspects of Client Experience

Client Experience is the perception we have of a brand as a result of the interactions we have with it during our life cycle as clients. This perception may be conscious or sub-conscious. This concept has recently taken on a differential value, at a time when all products and services are very similar, and the experiences we have when consuming them or using them can make a difference when it comes to making a decision in a purchasing process.

We analysed the latest Client Experience trends at the latest Barcelona Customer Congress and we’re going to highlight five concepts covered there that no company should ignore.

Five BCC19 highlights

1. Customer Centricity: The client at the centre of our organisations

The differential value of putting clients at the centre of the entire organisation for the client and the company. The importance of customising the service to the clients and adapting to their needs with a goal: to offer them a unique and memorable experience. The value of honesty constitutes the basic pillar for the relationships with our clients, creating simple and trust-based ties. 

2. Customer Experience, much more than a service to the client

The client should be at the centre of things and it’s vital for all the departments of a company to be involved (not just those that have direct contact, but the whole organization). This is why it’s necessary to change the way we work, with real momentum provided by the management team. Promoting employee participation, developing a true understanding of the client, having a good plan architecture in order to offer the client an exceptional service and empowering our partners will differentiate us from the competition.

3. Technology, a key tool for identifying the client

It’s very important to have technological tools such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to provide us with the opportunity to obtain a large volume of information which, once processed, enables us to customise the service or product on offer and even anticipate the client’s needs. This information is essential and Big Data will allow us to use it to enhance the offering to the client.

4. Digital transformation, a challenge for companies

The real and tangible challenge facing companies in the digital environment involves creating and adapting to a digitalised environment at the service of people. The future is not digital. We’re already digital and everything we do should have a digital dimension.

5. Employee Experience: The final tool for understanding a 360º vision

Together with the notion of Client Experience, Employee Experience is defined as a set of psycho-cognitive feelings concerning the experiential benefits of the workplace. Using strategies to optimise the work environment, culture and human resource services is crucial for achieving greater involvement. A good employee/company-brand relationship will help to create a better client/company relationship and, consequently, a better product and service for the client.

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