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General features

You decide what’s important

You can customize what overall positions you want to see, allowing you to check the status of all your accounts, cards, investment & savings products, loans, life and health insurance policies at one glance.

Contact your account manager whenever you need to

You can view your account manager’s contact details if you need to send them an email or simply call your branch.

Don’t miss anything

You can view your virtual correspondence, the transactions that are pending signature and any requests received from your inbox in your personal area.

Navigate easily between your profiles

Manage your banking more efficiently by navigating between your individual, business and investor profiles without having to log in as a different user every time.

Frequently asked questions

I don’t have an online banking contract

If you already are a MoraBanc customer and you want to use our online banking service, all you need to do is visit your local branch. You will be asked to sign a contract and will be given your log-in details so you can start banking from your account.

What are the different functions available for the individual, business and investor profiles?

The online banking service offers general functions for all profiles and specific functions for each type of profile, whether it be the Digital Wallet for individuals, the remittance management service for businesses, or the online trading service for investors.

What devices can I use to log in to online banking?

You can log in to online banking from any device as it will adjust to any type of screen. Accessible from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer (from version 9).

What is the difference between online banking and the mobile application? Why do I need both?

Online banking offers virtually the same options as your account manager in branch, with the added freedom of being able to do your banking from any device and from any location.

Through the mobile application, you will be able to view your overall position and manage your accounts and cards using any profile. In addition, the app’s design is better suited to your mobile phone and brings increased speed.

Will I receive notifications or messages?

Yes, you will continue to receive your paperless correspondence and, in addition, we will show you messages on topics that might be of interest to you.

How is the security of transactions ensured?

Your transactions are secured in two ways: firstly, through your password, which you can set in your personal area. Secondly, you will receive an SMS or email (whichever you prefer) with an authorization code sent by MoraBanc.

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