Questions and answers on the CIP code

Questions and answers on the CIP code

From 14 November 2020, the CIP code will be replaced by a one-time password (OTP), a single-use numerical code valid for one transaction only which you will receive by SMS on your mobile phone every time you make a purchase in a secure online store with your Visa MoraBanc. For further information about this improvement, please contact Telebanc on +376 884 884.

If you shop online on a regular basis, you’ve probably already been asked to enter your CIP code to confirm the purchase on check out.

We’ve prepared a list of questions and answers so you can learn more about how this online security system works.

What is the CIP code and what is it used for?

The CIP code is a personal 6-digit number that improves protection for credit and debit card users by making online purchases more secure.

CIP is the acronym for “Personal Identification Code”. This code has been mandatory for online purchases with MoraBanc cards since 3 May 2016.

How and when is it used?

The CIP code functions like a password or a PIN as it is only known to the card holder. This security mechanism is in addition to the CVV code (the three-digit number shown on the back of the card next to the signature space) and increases the security of online transactions as the CIP number is not printed on the card.

When making an online purchase through a secure retailer affiliated to the electronic commerce systems Verified by VISA and Master Card Secure-Code, before completing payment the system will request the 6-digit CIP number to confirm the customer’s identity and complete the transaction.

How can I activate it?

 The CIP code can be activated at any MoraBanc ATM. Once you have entered your card PIN, select the “Next” option and go to “Create/Change the CIP virtual number”. Choose 6 numbers that are easy to remember and which are relatively secure, so they can’t easily be guessed should you lose your card.

What should I do if I forget my CIP or want to change it?

The procedure for changing the CIP is the same as for activating it. Since you don’t have to enter your previous CIP, every time you go to the “Create/Change the CIP virtual number” option, you will create a new CIP that will remain valid until you change it again.

When will I be able to make online purchases?

The CIP code will be available for use within 48 hours of being activated or changed.

Will I always have to enter my CIP code?

You will be required to log in with your CVV only or with both your CVV and your CIP code, depending on the e-commerce security system.


If you need more information, please call TeleBanc on +376 884 884 or contact your account manager.

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