Need some extra cash? Move money from your credit card to your account

Need some extra cash? Move money from your credit card to your account

Whether you have to pay for unforeseen expenses or you want to give yourself a treat, you can now move money from your credit card to your account immediately and without any paperwork. You can do the transfer yourself and get cash instantly and whenever you need it.

This service is available both via MoraBanc Online and the mobile application. It allows you to transfer up to the credit limit available on your credit card to your current account.
There is no need to complete any paperwork or sign any additional contract at your branch. All you need to do is decide how much you want to transfer and to which account the transfer should be made, and the funds will reach your account instantly.

You can do so in three simple steps:

1.  Select the card and go to Transactions / Transfer to account

2.  Complete the transfer details

3.  Check the details of the transaction and sign it. This screen will also show you details of the charges for the transaction

In this way you can increase the balance available on your current account whenever you need to and get immediate cash to pay for any unexpected expenses or simply indulge yourself. Read our related post: How to save on your purchases with MoraBanc cards?

For more details about this and other services available through MoraBanc Digital, please call TeleBanc on +376 884 884 or fill out our form.

If you still haven’t signed up for MoraBanc Digital, why wait any longer to start enjoying all its benefits? You can apply for the service via our website or at any of our branches.

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