MoraBanc’s new contactless cards

MoraBanc’s new contactless cards

MoraBanc’s cards will be renewed in 2017 as we introduce a range of cards that feature a new design and are equipped with contactless payment technology.

You will now be able to do your shopping and make payments by simply waving your MoraBanc card over the point of sale terminal. Payment will be made wirelessly without having to insert the card into the terminal or swipe it through a magnetic stripe reader. This means that you won’t need to hand over your card to anyone and you won’t lose sight of it at any time.

MoraBanc’s new contactless cards allow you to pay for your purchases more quickly and easily, regardless of the amount paid, while enjoying the same level of security and protection as you have with Chip and PIN cards at no extra cost to you.

You can pay with our new cards at point of sale terminals which are equipped with contactless readers (i.e. in stores that display the Contactless symbol). All you need to do is tell the person behind the counter that you want to pay using the Contactless feature.

In stores that are not equipped with this system, or if you don’t want to pay contactless, you can use your new card normally and make your payments as you did before, either by inserting your card into the point of sale terminal and entering your PIN, or by swiping your card through the magnetic stripe reader and signing a receipt.

To make a contactless payment, all you need to do is wave your card over the terminal for a couple of seconds. You will only be asked to enter your PIN for transactions above €20, or if your PIN is required for security reasons. You can request a receipt for all your purchases, even if you weren’t asked to enter your PIN.

Payment with your contactless card will only be activated after entering an amount on the point of sale terminal. Once the transaction is complete, the terminal will return to standby mode. This means that no payment will be debited from your card if you accidentally touch it against a point of sale terminal.

If you already hold a MoraBanc card, we will shortly provide you with more information on how your plastic card will be replaced by a new contactless card. This change will be carried out gradually over the year.

If you still don’t have a MoraBanc card, you can find out more about our range of cards and apply for the one that best suits you. On our website you’ll find details of the other products, services and tools made available to you.

Remember, you can call TeleBanc on +376 884 884 if you have any questions, or alternatively, you can contact us by filling out the forms available on our website.

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