Basic security tips for your payment cards

Basic security tips for your payment cards

Do you have a MoraBanc credit or debit card? Well done! Bank cards are a payment method that allows you to shop in stores and make payments without having to carry cash in your wallet or pocket. Payment cards can be a life-saver if you have no cash on you.

As a cardholder you are responsible for custody and safekeeping of your card. You are also expected to make proper use of your card and Personal Identification Number (PIN).

I would like to share 15 basic security tips with you:

  1. Always protect your card as if it were cash: it is a payment method.
  2. Always sign your card. When receiving your card, you must first sign the back of the card before anybody else can sign it.
  3. Memorise your PIN. Never write down your PIN or keep it in your wallet or bag.
  4. Choose a PIN that cannot be guessed easily. Don’t use numbers that relate to your personal data (birth date, car registration number, passport, etc.) or common sequences of numbers (such as 1234, 1111, etc.).
  5. Secure online payments. Activate your CIP security code (personal identification number) at any Morabanc ATM.
  6. Keep your card statements in a safe place. Never leave your card identification details or documents (contract, monthly statements, etc.) in plain view, whether you are at your workplace or at home. Never throw away the documents without shredding them first to ensure they cannot be recovered.
  7. Always carry the emergency telephone number of your bank or credit card company if you need to notify a loss or theft. Save it in your mobile phone contacts.
  8. Never disclose your card details by telephone. MoraBanc already has your details and will never request them to carry out checks by telephone.

For physical payments:

  1. Never take your eyes off the card when paying. When paying always keep your eyes on your card and the payment terminal (point-of-sale terminal or dataphone).
  2. Enter your PIN discreetly. When paying in a store or carrying out a transaction at an ATM, make sure no-one is watching.
  3. Keep your receipts and check your card transactions on your account or card statement. If you detect an error or anything suspicious, notify MoraBanc immediately.

For online payments:

  1. Use your card to make purchases on reliable websites only. Do your shopping on well-known websites that have a trust seal or which are certified by a credit card company (VISA, Mastercard, etc.).
  2. Paying on secure websites. Make sure that the URL of the website starts with https (and not http) or look for the padlock symbol before entering your card details.
  3. Online store identification. Make sure that the retailer’s details are clearly stated on the website and that both a physical address and a customer service telephone number are available.
  4. Always print out a copy of the transaction or keep a digital version. Don’t throw away the receipt until you have received your purchased goods.
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