Our goal: simplify your online banking processes

Our goal: simplify your online banking processes

We have good news for our online banking users. Over the coming days we will make a change that simplifies the number of passwords used in online and mobile banking: we’re getting rid of the transaction code.

Having numerous passwords was confusing for some users who would find their accounts blocked by our computer security after they entered the passwords incorrectly, making it impossible to continue with the transaction.

With the new procedure, you can continue using your username (or user alias if you have it set up) and your personal password to access online or mobile banking as always. This part of the process will not change.

However, when you are asked to authorize a bank transaction you will no longer need to use the transaction code as you have until now. You can authorize the transaction with the same password you use to access the online bank.

In the event that the transaction involves a money withdrawal (bank transfer or remittance fees) you will still be asked for your one-time password (OTP), which is sent by SMS or email to your secure device.

This change will improve all transactional operations: transfers, card operations, buying and selling currencies, buying and selling shares and investment funds, sending of remittances, returned bills and foreign currency requests.

This measure is the result of our commitment to improving user experience and aligns with the initiatives of the best electronic banks in Spain.

We want to make it easier for you! We’re getting everything ready to roll out this improvement soon and you can say goodbye to your transaction password forever.

We will notify you in advance of the start date through a diferent  communications that you will receive in the inbox of your MoraBanc online bank or mobile banking app.

If you have any questions or need additional information about this improvement, please contact us at any of our branches, through your personal manager, or by calling TeleBanc (+376 884 884).

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