The international school in Andorra provides a world-class education

The international school in Andorra provides a world-class education

One of the most important decisions a parent can make for their child’s future is selecting the proper school that fits their child’s needs and which will help pave the way for their adult life. The Col·legi Internacional del Pirineu (International School of the Pyrenees) located in l’Aldosa (Andorra), is a coeducational and non-denominational school which provides a rigorous and rich multi-disciplinary curriculum to children aged six months to eighteen. At the Col·legi Internacional del Pirineu students pursue a course of study that combines the highest academic standards and a progressive quadrilingual language immersion, which produces students that are proficient in French, English, Spanish and Catalan. This international school fosters a love of learning, creativity and athleticism, which fully prepares its students for higher education.

An international school with a low student to faculty ratio

The Col·legi Internacional del Pirineu is a private school in Andorra that is committed to offering its students small group classes in order to generate thoughtful discourses between teachers and students. The highly experienced faculty provide students with a personalized approach to learning that encourages estudent to be motivated, independent and responsible individuals. This international school offers classes starting with an early learning center nursery up to high school that are divided into four different sections according to age.

1. Kindling a love of learning in every child from an early age

Children aged six months to six years old

The international school in Andorra encourages children’s enthusiasm about learning from an early age. The beginning cycle of learning for children aged six months to six years old is split into a lower division for children aged six months to two years and an upper division for children aged three to six years. Children begin a multilingual curriculum in Spanish, English, French and Catalan from a very early age in order to improve upon their cognitive abilities, memory and problem-solving skills, guiding them in their first steps towards becoming efficient learners in a global world. During these elementary years of schooling children will build upon their social, emotional and motor skills while learning basic mathematic, music and reading abilities. Children at the Col·legi Internacional del Pirineu in Andorra are also provided with activities that give them a well-rounded foundation such as lessons in chess, swimming, computer skills, cooking and sewing.

2. Elementary School: Working towards defining your child’s personality

Children aged six to twelve years old

This step in the education system at the Col·legi Internacional del Pirineu private school concentrates on teaching traditional core subjects while continuing the quadrilingual language immersion track. Classes will also be taught in a fifth language, Chinese. Children are also taught from an early age that their actions have a direct impact on the environment and how to care for their surroundings.

One of this international school’s fundamental pillars is based on the concept that wellness is critical for engaged learning during school hours and general health, placing physical education as a subject of paramount importance. During this cycle students will benefit from the school’s prime location just ten minutes from the Vallnord ski station. Through regular ski lessons, which take place from December to April, students will learn fundamental movement capacities such as balance and coordination. The Col·legi Internacional del Pirineu’s fully qualified staff of ski instructors has trained students who have competed in highly competitive sporting events such as the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Sochi.

3. Middle School: Consolidating acquired knowledge

Children aged twelve to sixteen years old

This cycle of education is separated into four years. Students continue their track of multi-disciplinary studies while solidifying their grammar, reading and oral skills in Spanish, English, French and Catalan. Students begin to be at ease beyond their boarders and become confident and independent as faculty members guide them to excel within their subject matter of interest. At the end of this cycle of study students prepare for and take an exam granting them passage to next cycle, which trains them to be proficient in all subjects touched upon during the Baccalaureate exams that take place in their final year at the Col·legi Internacional del Pirineu.

4. High school: Each student holds the key to their destiny

Young adults aged sixteen to eighteen years old

The final cycle of education at this private school consist of two years of studies that prepare students to take the Baccalaureate and other major examinations, which allow them to continue on to higher education within the European Higher Education Area. Students who have completed this course of study have successfully consolidated and built upon their previous years of learning, are proficient in four languages, have become increasingly independent, are socially responsible and are primed to pursue their passions in a global setting.

Col·legi Internacional del Pirineu offers a boarding school option


Learning social and emotional skills through community life

The Col.legi Internacional del Pirineu offers a boarding school option and has fully equipped, spacious and comfortable living facilities that have stunning views of the valley, allowing your child to expand their inter-personal skills with other students from around the world. Families that choose this boarding school option can rest assured that each student is assigned two professors that will be in contact with the student’s parents on a regular basis. One professor will closely follow your child’s academic development and the second will look after their social development and capacity to live within the school’s community. Student’s whose families have chosen this boarding school option are able to take part in a wide variety of extra curricular activities such as sports activities in the schools well-equipped sports facilities, various workshops, after-school classes to reinforced recently taught subject matters and student-taught classes.

Students at the boarding school may decide if they would like to spend their weekends at home or stay in the dormitories and enjoy the program of extra curricular activities and field trips. It should be noted that the boarding school is closed during the Christmas and Easter vacations.

Well-rounded students with bright futures

The Col·legi Internacional del Pirineu in Andorra provides students with unique opportunities that they are sure to carry with them their entire lives and which will prepare them for entering into the world as fully realized individuals. If you would like to have more detailed information about the Col·legi Internacional del Pirineu please follow the previous link to their official website or contact the school directly using the following information:

Poliesportiu de l’Aldosa
La Massana
Principat d’Andorra

Telephone: (+376) 838 366
Fax: (+376) 836 324

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