The Andorran Active Residency and how to obtain a work permit

The Andorran Active Residency and how to obtain a work permit

If you happen to drive to Andorra, over the highest pass in the Pyrenees Mountains (7,900 feet) and speak to an Andorran about employment in their country they would probably tell you that job opportunities seem to grow on trees and that the mountains might be what’s keeping their neighbouring countries’ soaring unemployment rates from effecting their country’s well-to-do economy (Spain 22.2% and France 10.4% in 2015).

Putting the metaphors aside, unemployment in Andorra is virtually non-existent (2.9% in 2013) and the minimum wage of €962 per month is more than sufficient considering the country’s low cost of living. The following article will give detailed information about job opportunities in Andorra, recently established Immigration Laws and how to obtain a residency which grants a work permit.


Andorran Immigration Laws and Work Permits

Prospective expatriates seeking job opportunities in Andorra will find that the country’s new Immigration Laws established in 2012 created several residency categories that might seem a bit confusing at first glance. There are two main categories Passive (without a work permit) and Active (with a work permit). Our expatriates guide also provides in-depth information about Passive Residencies in Andorra, its three subcategories and how to apply.

Active Residency: for individuals wishing to obtain an Andorran work permit

The two ways of obtaining an Andorran Active Residency

Individuals interested in starting a company in Andorra and those who have established a work contract with an Andorran company should apply for an Active Residency, granting the individual a work permit. Unlike the Passive Residency, this residency category is for those that wish to live and work in Andorra year round.

If an individual has successfully established a work contract with a company which is legally based in Andorran and this company has completed the necessary paperwork at the Andorran Employment Office the individual will need to apply for an Active Residency, granting them a work permit which is valid for one year. Upon completion of this work permit, if the company wants to continue employment, the individual needs to reapply for residency to renew their work permit. This second renewal, if it is granted, is valid for two years. Once the individual has been working in Andorra for seven years they may apply for a ten-year Active Residency.

If you would like to learn more about starting a company in Andorra we also provide a detailed guide including all the necessary steps and required documentation.

Job seekers looking for seasonal work in Andorra

Andorra’s snow-capped peaks offer countless job opportunities for foreigners searching for seasonal work in ski resorts, hotels and the restoration sector. Seasonal work permits for Andorra’s ski season are normally granted during a specific period (November 15 through early May) and are valid for 3 months, once this work permit has expired you have 7 days to leave the country. In order to apply for this 3-month work permit a certified police report from your country of origin is required. Job seekers should obtain this report before arriving in Andorra, as this is often a lengthy process depending on your country of origin’s rules and regulations.

A note on teaching languages in Andorra: Job seekers looking to teach a language in Andorra can find countless job opportunities for teaching Catalan, Spanish, French or English due to Andorra’s multilingual culture. Those looking to teach English are required to have a TEFL degree.

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