Reverse factoring

Save time, improve your security

MoraBanc makes your supplier management easier by offering to them the service of collecting your invoices upon maturity or financing the payments.

  • Benefits for your supplier

    Instant financing with MoraBanc’s guarantee.

  • Speed and simplicity

    If you manage your file correspondence through the online banking remittance managing service, you will save time and travel.

  • Savings in procedures

    Cost savings for your company, as the Bank covers your supplier payment administration and management.



  • Thanks to MoraBanc’s Reverse factoring, you can manage, process and pay your suppliers’ accepted and not yet due invoices, enabling them the option of discounting their invoices.
  • Additional short-term financing source for your suppliers.
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  • Service tailored to companies of considerable size with a high volume of periodic payments allocated to many suppliers: department stores, superstores, perfumery or sports equipment stores, etc.
  • Operational system with three main advantages for your company:
    • Cost savings, since internal expenses related to supplier payments are covered by the Bank.
    • Savings on time and travel, as the commercial paper remittances can be processed through online banking.
    • Free service unless you send transfers outside Andorra
  • Multiple benefits for your supplier:
    • Reverse factoring allows your supplier to make advance payments of their outstanding invoices and therefore to obtain short-term financing.
    • Flexibility: they can choose to make advance payments of all or some of their invoices.
    • Instant financing, since it is your company who provides the collateral.
    • MoraBanc acts as a payment guarantor.
    • Increase in their debt capacity, being able to do so without commercial discount lines within their financial institution
  • Application resolution within a maximum period of 7 days, as long as all required documents have been provided.
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