Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

Make sure you receive the care you need in case of illness, disability or death.

  • Extensive coverage

    It includes death from any cause and additional cover such as disability, serious illness or death expenses.

  • Tailored to your needs

    Choose the cover and the insured sum you wish to take out.

  • Flexible and adjustable

    You can change the beneficiaries and cover whenever you need to.

  • Quick and easy application process

    Apply for your life insurance in one click. It’s easy.



  • It includes mandatory cover for death from any cause up to the total insured sum.
  • In addition, you can complement your insurance with the following optional cover:
    • Accidental death.
    • Serious illnesses, in order to have a lump sum that allows you to receive the necessary care or finance improvements to your home if required.
    • Absolute and permanent disability, whether as a result of illness or accident.
    • Death expenses.
  • Whenever you wish, you can change the cover and beneficiaries of your insurance.
  • The insurance is renewable annually with a maximum age limit to take out cover of 70 years.
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