Big solutions for small companies


Full of advantages

Visa Activa

  • 150 free purchases every month

    Given away at a raffle you will take part in just by using your Visa Activa.

  • Maximum flexibility in your payments

    With the Visa Activa credit card, you will be able to finance your purchases and pay for them at a time that suits you.

  • Discounts in affiliated businesses

    When you purchase with your Visa Activa.

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Credit account

Optimise your business’ or company’s liquidity

  • Flexibility

    To cover unexpected cash requirements.

  • Convenience

    An account which has an identical operational system to that of a current account.

  • Interests charged on average balance

    You pay interest only on the overdrawn amount.

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File management

Integrate your company’s collections and payments

MoraBanc INTEGRA is the software that allows you to manage all kinds of collection and payment files from your computer and send them online to MoraBanc for processing.

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POS Terminal

Widen your card payment possibilities

At MoraBanc we have developed different card payment methods that adapt to your infrastructure and type of activity.

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Commercial discount

Faster collections

  • Flexible advance

    You can adjust the days of financing to the commercial papers’ maturity dates.

  • Interests on deducted balance

    You have a line of credit and you pay interest only on the deducted balance.

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