Current account

One account for everything

Open your current account at MoraBanc and customise it with the advantages that suit you best through a wide range of debit and credit cards.

  • Direct salary deposit

    We can take care of all the procedures and paperwork required for you to receive your salary into your account.

  • Direct debit of bills

    When you set up direct salary or pension deposit, we can also take care of setting up direct debits of bills on your behalf.

  • Free accident insurance

    Included once the set-up of your direct salary deposit is completed.

  • Wide range of cards

    You will definitely find one that suits you.



  • Current account for private individuals residing in Andorra.
  • Customisable with a wide range of cards.
  • You will be able to arrange direct deposits for all your payments and income.
  • When you set up your direct salary or pension deposit, we will take care of all the procedures for it to be paid into your MoraBanc account.
  • CASS compensations will be paid into your account the same day as they are issued.
  • All medical appointment payments can be deferred until CASS’ compensation has been paid.
  • Free accident insurance when you set up your direct salary deposit. It provides coverage in case of death and permanent disability by accident up to 6,000€.
  • No account administration fees when a series of operating and bonding requirements are met.
    See terms and conditions
  • You can move and transfer money, order cheque books and request the issue of guarantees for store cards or house rental.


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