Journey to the future of banking with our young collaborators

Journey to the future of banking with our young collaborators

On August 22, Morabanc’s youngest members were able to attend a workshop on the future of banking. Celebrated in the Edificio Milenio, the event served as an opportunity to meet and learn about the new trends and changes impacting the financial sector as a result of technology and society’s shifting needs.

The Department of People Management and Jessica Reynoso, a member of the Department of Innovation and Digital Banking, created a different type of training session for interns to experience. Each participant had to choose a city they liked best, in pure “La Casa de Papel (The Heist)” style. This role-play based on the hit Spanish TV series was designed to help interns get know each other in order to create a more comfortable working environment.
Neobanks, artificial intelligence, machine learning and open banking were some of the many concepts presented during the session. Participants were introduced to different articles that served as clear examples of how fresh inventions, such as new apps and 100% digital accounts, are helping companies like BBVA, N26 and Amazon grow in the financial sector. The interns debated what path our bank should take to improve in a world where innovation is a major focus.

For yet another summer, young collaborators had the opportunity to participate in several training sessions, in addition to the work supporting the bank’s permanent staff. As the future of our industry, the role young people play in our bank is crucial, and the bank has taken advantage of their time with us to encourage and learn from their creativity and the new ideas they contribute to helping MoraBanc meet the new challenge of reaching young generations.

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