Bank guarantees and collateral

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Collateral and bank guarantees are bank instruments that irrevocably ensure the financial and commercial commitments’ fulfillment. Therefore, they guarantee the payment your company has received with regard to third parties.

The collateral or bank guarantee is an off-balance sheet exposure. Unlike a credit or a loan, it does not entail an immediate cash output from the Bank, but it might do in the future if the third party executes it. At that moment, the Bank will demand the guaranteed company to refund the executed amount.

In return for the risk taken, MoraBanc generally applies a (usually) quarterly commission based on the guaranteed amount and an opening commission upon the initial guarantee’s formalisation.

MoraBanc offers you two different kinds of collateral that can adapt to your needs.

Application resolution within a maximum period of 7 days, as long as all required documents have been provided.

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