Keep unexpected events under control and think about your peace of mind

Keep unexpected events under control and think about your peace of mind

People often think that there’s no need for insurance except those that are strictly mandatory; we explained the importance of having a good insurance policy for the peace of mind of you and yours in our post “Reasons for taking out life insurance”. But having good insurance goes beyond peace of mind: it provides access to services that are useful in cases of emergency or need.

An example is the new home health care service included in our MoraSalut policy from Life insurance, the only insurance company in Andorra that offers this benefit.

This service is provided by the company Visit-M, which offers local family doctors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the case of illness or reduced mobility, a Visit-M family doctor will visit the insured person’s home for free in a maximum of four hours from the moment the call is placed. Customers that have this benefit will receive the details about the service along with a magnet like the one below, which can be used to keep the service’s telephone number in an easily visible place for quick access when needed:


MoraBanc Assegurances offers specialized solutions to anything from life insurance to other insurance products like savings, retirement and pension plans for individuals, professionals and freelancers. These are just some of the ground-breaking initiatives from MoraBanc Assegurances, the Grup MoraBanc insurance company that celebrates 25 years providing outstanding products.

To find out more about this service as well as the rates and benefits included in the range of insurance products, please contact your personal manager.

Still don’t have insurance? Visit our website to learn more about the different policies we offer; you can also visit your local MoraBanc Assegurances, office, call TeleBanc +376 884 884, or send us your questions by filling in the form below.


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