What is required to open an account in Andorra?

What is required to open an account in Andorra?

The financial sector in Andorra is modern, set up to operate globally and forms one of the country’s soundest economic hubs. The financial and insurance sectors account for roughly 20% of Andorra’s GDP (Source: Andorran Banking, 2020).

Founded in 1952, MoraBanc is one of Europe’s leading banks in terms of solvency (25.5% CET1 fully loaded, 27,3% phase in at 31/12/2020. Source: MoraBanc 2020 Annual Report).

We have drawn up a practical list of the documents you may need to submit an application if you are thinking of opening an account at our bank.

It is a basic list, but additional or different information and documents may be asked for following an examination of each particular case.

  • ID documents

This is the documentation that enables the person or persons who are going to open an account to be identified.

You will have to bring in the original copy of your passport or a valid ID document. If your ID document does not bear your address or if it is not up to date, you will also have to provide a copy of a utility bill (electricity, water, etc.) in which your name and address appear.

Should the account be for a business or company, you will be required to provide its documents of incorporation and tax identification number, in addition to certified powers of attorney granted to the people who will be responsible for opening and operating the account.

We will also require documents that accredit the account holders’ business activity, according to whether they are employees, self-employed or the owners of a business.

  • Tax and banking documents

Depending on an applicant’s business activity and tax residency, certain documents will be required that provide details about that person’s tax and financial position.

Whether you are a business, self-employed, a freelancer or a natural person, these documents will normally consist of a letter of reference from a bank, bank account statements for the past year, a copy of the last tax return filed in the country of tax residency and, in certain cases, a certificate of this residency.

Depending on a company’s business and country of origin, or that of the future account holder, further information may be required that gives more details about their tax and financial position.

  • Proof of the source of funds

This is documentation that accredits the source of funds that will be paid into the account, such as payslips, bills or bank statements in the event that the funds come from other banks.

It is important that you state your specific circumstances, as the documentation required will vary depending on the situation of each person or company.

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