Sign off transactions from your online bank account quickly and securely

Sign off transactions from your online bank account quickly and securely

You can now sign off transactions from your online bank account’s inbox using your mobile phone or PC so that banking is secure, convenient, quick and straightforward.

At MoraBanc we are constantly thinking of new ways of making our customers’ lives easier by making different channels available to them for conducting and signing off transactions without having to move about.

One of these channels is our Telebanc (+376 884 884) helpline, on which you can ask for transactions to be signed off using your identification details and voice recording. You can also operate remotely through your manager, who can send you documentation and transactions in a secure certified email so that, in a straightforward process, you can view a document and sign it.

What’s more, we can now send you transactions that you have instructed be completed to your online bank account’s inbox so that you can directly sign them off just like any other online transaction through our Signature Wall.

Signing off these transactions is just a secure, easy, quick and straightforward as when you conduct a transaction on your MoraBanc online account.

How does MoraBanc Digital’s Signature Wall work?

Imagine that you need to make a transfer involving an amount above the limits imposed on your online banking account for security reasons and you ask your manager to do it for you. Once the transaction has been completed, your manager will instruct you to log in to your personal online banking area to sign it. All in just 3 clicks!

When you have a transaction waiting to be signed, we will notify you through an email or text message. You will have to log in to your online bank account using your username and password, whether through the app or the website.

How do I sign off transactions on my online bank account?

  1. Log in to MoraBanc Digital using your username and password or facial/fingerprint recognition from our mobile apps.
  2. Go to your inbox. You will find two notifications on pending signatures: one on the blue banner on your account and card page (homepage) that will take you directly to your inbox, and another in your user area highlighted with a blue circle from which you will also have access.
  3. Browse through the list of transactions waiting to be signed. Under “Pending signatures” you will find all of the transactions waiting to be signed, which you will be able to sign one-by-one or all in one go by selecting “Multi-transaction signature”. Should you have missed the deadline of any pending signatures, you will have to sign these first and then the rest of them that are still valid.
  4. Select one or more to sign them. Follow the steps below and you will see that in 3 intuitive clicks it’s all done!

Muro de firmas MoraBanc_Firma digital_EN

As simple as that! This option is convenient and easy, and very secure, as it is done on the encrypted environment of your online bank account.

MoraBanc has made this channel available to you so that you can choose the most convenient and easiest way to sign off your transactions in the shortest possible time. You can sign transactions off remotely without having to go into your branch at any time.

Enhancing our customers’ experience is one of our priorities and drives us to continue improving and adapting our services to their requirements. This philosophy combined with our digital mindset has resulted in World Finance presenting us with the Best Banking App in Andorra award for the fourth year running (2017–2020).

If you would like to find out more details about this and other services available through MoraBanc Digital, contact us by calling +376 884 884, or by filling in our contact form.

It you still haven’t got MoraBanc Digital, start to enjoy all of its advantages now! Request the service on our website or at any of our branches.

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