MoraBanc App, now Face ID compatible

MoraBanc App, now Face ID compatible

Yes, you can now access our iPhone app using facial recognition on enabled iOS devices.

This new update joins the already available Touch ID, expanding the biometric options we offer our customers when signing into MoraBanc Digital.

To use it, you only need:

• An iPhone with Face ID (iPhone X)

• Download the latest version of the MoraBanc App for iOS

• Activate the phone’s Face ID from the set-up menu

• Open the MoraBanc App, enter your username and password and select the “Remember user” option. The app will ask you if you want to activate Face ID; simply say yes and you’ll be able to use it to sign in to our app.

Face ID technology uses the iPhone X camera to analyze over 30,000 invisible dots to create a detailed depth map of the face for reliable and secure identification, making it possible for users to access their digital bank for regular transactions.

Want to find out more about the advantages of this technology and how it works? Check out the post on facial recognition that we wrote a few months back.

With this launch, we continue to expand the improvements to our digital channels to make it easier, safer and more convenient for our customers to do their banking, wherever they are.

At MoraBanc, digital transformation has become a central and ongoing project. MoraBanc Digital is born from this desire for change, a clear commitment to financial innovation and to offer the best multi-channel experience in Andorran banking. Learn more about this important project on our website .

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