5 key digital-experience trends for this year

5 key digital-experience trends for this year

Things move fast in app design and what was de rigueur a year ago can easily be outmoded today. At MoraBanc Digital we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to apply the latest developments across our products and channels, but always with the same purpose: to offer you the best possible experience and help you manage your finances quickly and easily.

To keep you abreast of the latest news, here we explain the key trends in the field of apps and user experience:

1. Keep it simple

When we use an app we have a goal in mind. So the easier it is to deliver on this goal the better. The aim is to eliminate visual distractions, display important elements in a large and clear format and leave lots of white space around them.

For example, our app. The home screen of the MoraBanc app provides a quick summary of each product family (you can then go over each of them in more detail), all integrated in a clear and minimalist design to give you the information you need at a glance and free of distractions.

5 Tendencias clave_2
Home screen of the app for iOS

2. Video rules

A static image can be okay, but a story is better told in movement. That’s why increasing amounts of content are made in an audiovisual format and subtitles are becoming necessary again in order to watch them with the sound off.
Plus, most videos are consumed vertically, so apps that display audiovisual content are having to adapt to this phone orientation. One example is the new, completely vertical YouTube screen, which, considering the fact that videos are increasingly being viewed on mobile phones which are naturally held in a vertical position, lets you view content in full screen.

3. Bye-bye password, hello face…

…or finger. Biometric filters have been around for a number of years but have hit the mainstream lately: according to figures from Apple, their devices are unblocked using Touch ID in 89% of cases. And there’s another security method gaining ground: fingerprint identification is slowly being nudged out by facial recognition. At MoraBanc we already use fingerprints and if you have an iPhone X you’ve been able to log into and sign off on transactions using Apple Face ID facial recognition for the past few months.

4. Communication, communication, communication

Let’s face it: people love interacting…it’s the main thing we use our phones for. And it is the reason why increasingly more apps feature an option to send and receive messages… Considering this constant need for communication over any device, we have added a communication module that lets you speak to your manager, send files or make an appointment. Contact your manager when and where you like.
And the communication trend doesn’t end there: if there’s no-one at the other end to answer, no problem! That’s where chatbots come in! Conversational robots are the big new customer-service trend, with extensive and varied capabilities ranging from simple query settlement to transaction execution. They can even make restaurant bookings by phone or handle purchase returns.

5. We’re human and we have feelings

That’s why we understand any interaction based on our behaviour much better. We know that apps aren’t people, but even still we want them to behave like they were. The trend is to create apps that interact with us like a friend or partner would – a better understanding of the message boosts user satisfaction and experience.
“Approachable” messages are the key, using clear and natural language. Plus, when integrated with voice-operated robots, the experience is fairly similar to interaction with a person.

5 Tendencias clave
Communicate and assess your manager on our app

We will continue to analyse user experience trends and advances, along with app usability and design to always include the latest developments across all of our channels: website, online bank and mobile apps.

At MoraBanc, digital transformation has become a central and ongoing project. MoraBanc Digitalis born from this desire for change, a clear commitment to financial innovation and to offer the best multi-channel experience in Andorran banking. Learn more about this important project on our website .

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