The collective insurance for your company

It offers your employees protection and increases your company’s productivity.

  • Wide coverage

    You can take out both life and health guarantees.

  • Flexibility and adaptability

    So that you can customise your AndorVico insurance with the guarantees that best suit your company and your employees.

  • Individual certificates for your employees

    Each employee has their own individual certificate with the guarantees covered by the insurance policy.



  • Wide range of collective insurances for your company that will allow you to offer your employees comprehensive life and health coverages.
  • Favourable contract terms.
  • If your company takes full or partial responsibility of the coverages’ premiums, they will be considered as an expense that can be deducted from the corporate tax. Alternatively, your employees’ value perception will contribute to their motivation and as a result, there will be a rise in productivity.
  • Collective life and health insurance that you can customise and adapt to your company’s and your employees’ characteristics.
  • In addition, you will have the expertise of international specialist doctors and a 24h telephone advice service at your disposal.
  • Your company is the insurance’s contracting party and your employee is the insured party. The latter can define the insurance’s beneficiary or beneficiaries in case the covered risk happens.
  • The insurance contract is structured into two documents:
    • Collective insurance policy, contracted between Mora Assegurances (our insurance company) and your company.
    • Individual AndorVico insurance certificate under your employee’s name and with all details regarding the covered life and health guarantees.


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