Long-term financing

We help finance your projects so you can grow


Business Loan

Find the financing your business needs

Gain access to your asset financing through our experts in corporate banking.

  • Instant liquidity
  • Repayment period of up to 5 years
  • Variable interest rate

Business Mortgage

A mortgage to bring your project to life

Get your establishment or office thanks to a financing with optimal conditions.

  • Financing of up to 60%
  • Monthly payments
  • Repayment within 12 years

Eco-Car Loan

Switch to an electric car!

MoraBanc can help you buy an electric or hybrid vehicle.

  • No opening or cancelling commissions
  • Interest rate of Euribor +3%
  • Financing of up to 100%

Consumer Loan

Something more than just a treat

MoraBanc grants you a loan so you can buy household refurbishment… or for anything else you need!

  • Up to 60,000€
  • Repayment within up to 5 years
  • Special bonuses

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