Social responsibility

A company vision beyond the bank’s doorstep

Focused on the country’s sustainable development

We consider that settling a good example outside our usual framework of action also has an influence on client satisfaction. We have always regarded being socially responsible and doing our bit to improve our community as our duty.

Therefore, aligned with our commitment with society, we have incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as a starting point to tailor our activity to the great economic, social and environmental challenges we face  on a global scale.

Dedicated to our citizens

MoraBanc and culture

We are full aware of the important role culture plays in the country’s development. That is why we have focused our efforts in two directions: enabling cultural distributionin our society and promoting cultural contests and events in the area.

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MoraBanc and sports

We are immensely proud to have our name associated with our country’s basketball team since 2014. Additionally, we sponsor other sports competitions, some of them with a spirit of solidarity.

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MoraBanc and our community

In addition to incorporating the Solidarity card into our product portfolio, we take huge pride in the activities in which we participate which help our society – we have focused our efforts in fighting child poverty and helping our country’s entrepreneurs. None of those actions would be possible without the involvement of all our clients and employees.

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MoraBanc and the environment

We have a strong commitment with the environment, starting from our own offices, branches and spreading though our awareness and distribution activities.

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Contributing to our country’s emblematic events

More than 20 years supporting Andorra la Vella MoraBanc’s Music and Dance Season.

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A team with our name

In addition to sponsoring Bàsquet Club MoraBanc Andorra, we support the country’s sports and its grassroots teams.

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Suporting our community in all areas

We are strongly committed to the Andorran society and we undertake numerous charitable activities with the help of our clients and employees.

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Integrated anual report 2021

We want you to know about all we do for our community, for the environment… For this reason we publish an annual Corporate Social Responsibility report – so that you know what we invest in and why we do it.

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