Innovative and digital

A bank at the forefront

Keeping up with the times

At MoraBanc we are aware of the digital transformation we are witnessing and the new way of life it entails.

We also understand the opportunity that digitisation brings to the financial sector and for this reason we want our client service-focused innovation to be exemplary.

The client, focus of innovation

We focus all our digitisation efforts in helping our clients achieve a satisfactory experience: making their daily management easier thanks to simple and intuitive tools, offering transparent information and providing products and services with added value. For these reasons, MoraBanc commits to continuous process of digital banking renovation.

In December 2016 we presented MoraBanc Digital, a new banking concept that aims to meet our customers’ changing needs and establish us as a leader in innovative, service-oriented banking solutions. If you still haven’t checked it out, you can do so here:

Online banking

Online banking

Enter your new online branch

You can do your banking, manage your business and trade stocks from any device.

Mobile application

Mobile application

Your bank in your pocket

Manage your accounts and cards on a daily basis from your mobile phone.