Savings Plans and Insurances

Ensure some extra income

There is nothing like starting saving today in order to plan your short-term and long-term future. This way you will have, whenever you need, supplementary income available for your retirement or some savings for your children’s university fees or to cover any other unexpected event.

Through Mora Assegurances, MoraBanc’s insurance company, we offer you a great selection of saving plans and insurances providing you with peace of mind and all the facilities you need to save money easily.

Do you know which savings plan or insurance you need?

There are several types of savings plans and insurances, each of them designed for different needs:

Systematic savings and retirement plan

Halfway between pension and insurance plans, they allow you to constitute an insured annuity income. Their goal is to pay premiums in order to accumulate capital over time with which you can supplement your retirement pension in the future.

Single premium savings plans

Mora Assegurances Single premium savings plans are one of the best choices so you can guarantee saved capital, within a specific period and a single payment.

Annuity insurance

With MoraBanc’s annuity insurance you will be able to transform your savings into a monthly income for the rest of your life.

Our plans


​Enjoy an ​extra income ​for your retirement

Keep your living standards when you retire! AndorJubilació will add extra income to your retirement pension.

  • Guaranteed return
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Death and disability benefits


Start to think about your children’s future

What do your children want to do when they grow up? AndorEstudis will allow you to easily save in order to pay for their higher education.

  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Availability
  • Death and disability benefits

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