Ensure some capital for your future

What will happen in the next 5 or 10 years? Whatever happens, InverVida ensures that by then you will hold more savings than you do now.

  • Includes life insurance

    That covers risk of death before the savings plan maturity.

  • Guaranteed return

    With a single premium contribution at a term between 5 and 10 years.

  • Loyalty premium

    We will reward your loyalty after the second year with a fixed additional return for the full duration of the plan.



  • Single premium savings plan focused on retirement or to build up long-term capital.
  • Initial contributions between 6,000€ and 120,000€. You will need to consult with Mora Assegurances if you wish to make higher contributions.
  • Guaranteed return fixed at the moment you sign the contract.
  • Fixed return during the the full duration of the plan..
  • Additional fixed return after 2 years, also called “Loyalty premium”, as long as the plan reaches its maturity.
  • Death insurance that ensures the beneficiary collects the guaranteed final capital.
  • This product has no management or reimbursement on maturity commissions. There is an initial entry commission set up according to the amount of the contribution to the plan.
  • Total or partial early redemptions are allowed with a penalty that will be lowered as the length of time within the plan is higher.


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