Dynamic Pension Plans

Start planning now for your retirement so nothing changes

Choose from five pension plans with different investment objectives.

  • Tax saving

    Tax deduction from the Personal Income Tax base for the smaller of the following amounts: 5,000 euros or 30% of the tax base.

  • Customised in line with your needs and time horizon

    Choose the most suitable retirement plan based on your age and financial needs.

  • Flexible and adjustable

    You can make regular payments (linear or increasing) at different intervals, or one-off payments.



  • A systematic savings/insurance plan where payments are invested in units of an investment fund to be chosen from five possible options:
    • Mora Short Term EUR Fund FI
    • Mora Multi-Asset Fund FI – Income
    • Mora Multi-Asset Fund FI – Moderate
    • Mora Multi-Asset Fund FI – Growth
    • Mora Heritage Fund FI
  • For individuals aged between 18 and 64 inclusive.
  • Possibility of changing both the amount of the payment and its frequency. Minimum amount for regular payments: 30 euros.
  • Choice of the frequency of payments: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual.
  • Flexibility to make one-off payments whenever you want (minimum amount of 100 euros).
  • No fees on regular or one-off payments.
  • The accumulated capital cannot be redeemed early except in the event of a serious illness preventing you from working for 12 months, long-term unemployment for more than 24 months or moving your residence outside Andorra.
  • On maturity of the plan, you will receive the accumulated savings based on the market value of the investment fund taken out.
  • The capital accrued at maturity can be collected all at once or in various forms of periodic income.


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