MoraBanc Elit

Exceptional privileges

Elite advantages

Second medical opinions

Advance Medical

When requested, the best specialists in the world will study your case and will give you a second opinion. Available for you, your partner or your children under 21 years of age.

Answering your concerns

Personal account manager

Your personal account manager and trusted advisor works by your side, ensuring you are treated with exclusivity. He or she will respond to your requests whenever you need assistance.

A full team

Investment manager

With broad experience in the asset management field, your asset position will be carefully analysed, you will be presented with solutions and your discretionary portfolio’s performance will be monitored.

Legal information

Investment guidance

We will inform you about the legal requirements of each of your investments. Our legal and risk analysis team will be at your disposal for that purpose.

Invest in socially responsible projects

Investment in philanthropy

Obtain exceptional results and a great personal satisfaction by investing in the causes about which we all care.

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Plan the most favourable inheritance

Inheritance planning

We structure your estate and plan the transfer of your financial instruments to your heirs in the most effective way. Along with your tax advisor, we find and implement the optimal solution for your particular needs.

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Secure your future

Retirement plans and pensions, savings insurance

Through Mora Assegurances, we offer you a variety of savings plans and insurances designed to provide you with peace of mind.

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10 reasons to join a different way of banking

Why choose MoraBanc Private Banking

Learn about what makes us different, and the benefits that working with MoraBanc can offer you, your investments and your assets.

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Your investments in expert hands

Discretionary Management

We manage your assets in a delegated way and build a completely tailored investment portfolio for you.

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A key aspect to take care of your assets today and tomorrow

Investment Planning

MoraBanc Private Banking will study your circumstances in order to manage your assets in the most convenient way for yours and your family’s future.

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Why choose MoraBanc?

Personal account manager

Always at your disposal through multiple communication channels.

A secure bank

You can rely on the safety of all operations conducted through the digital channels.

A bank that serves its community

We are a bank created for people like you, tailored to your needs. We rely on our country and our people.

A supportive bank

Committed to society. Investing in charity projects.