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Financing for your first home

Finance your first home up to 80% of its value and repay within up to 40 years.

  • Financing of up to 80%

    We finance up to 80% of your home’s price so you can start living in it as soon as possible.

  • Repayment term of up to 40 years

    You have plenty of time – we grant you a maximum loan term of up to 40 years, with an age limit of 65 years old.

  • Supplementary consumer loan

    Of at least 50% of the amortised capital in order to furnish, refurbish…

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  • For clients aged between 18 and 25 years old residing in Andorra.
  • First home of up to 80% of the lowest value between the purchase and the appraised value.
  • Mortgage loan with a term of up to 40 years, with an age limit of 65 years old.
  • Optional consumer loan of 50% of the mortgage’s amortised capital.
  • Granted within a maximum period of 15 days, as long as all required documents have been provided.
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  • You will get the entire capital at once, at the beginning of the transaction.
  • You can choose 3-month, 6-month and 1-year Euribor interest rate. The rate will be reviewed periodically in accordance with the chosen Euribor.
  • You will enjoy preferential conditions based on your degree of loyaltywith the bank.
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  • Your salary must be directly deposited into a MoraBanc’s account.
  • You can choose the receipt date of the charge.

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