We are improving our online banking features

We are improving our online banking features

At MoraBanc we are continually striving to improve the services we offer our customers and make their banking easier.

As part of the improvements we are making to MoraBanc Online, all users will have access to a series of basic configuration and banking features that were previously restricted to certain users, regardless of their level of authorisation or profile.

This improvement is automatically available to all online banking users starting today. The new features will allow you to complete certain actions, such as blocking a card or creating a user alias, by simply entering your password. Until now, these features required the user to have a transaction code to configure and confirm the transactions and were only available to those users who were authorised to complete online banking transactions. Users who had view-only rights were not allowed to use them.

The following table shows a list of the new actions available with this improvement. Users will be requested to enter their log-in password rather than providing a transaction code:

imatge post operativa_EN

If you have any questions please contact our customer service department, TeleBanc, by telephone on +376 884 884, or alternatively, send us your comments using our Web-based form.

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