Five tips for choosing your fragrance

Five tips for choosing your fragrance

Fragrance is one of the strongest signs of identity people have. The smell we give off plays a major role in how others perceive us and what impression we make on them.

The key factors behind choosing and using perfumes and colognes can be highly debatable, and there are even different schools of thought and shades of opinion about this. We have spoken to the team of entrepreneurs from Andorra that are behind the project Be You, a concept that enables us to create our own perfume and that was the winning entry of the 2016 edition of LAB Impact Andorra, a programme that gives backing to MoraBanc’s scheme for entrepreneurs and the Ship2B business incubator. They have given us the following tips.

1. Loyalty is no longer in fashion

At least when it comes to fragrances. Always using the same cologne or perfume for every occasion is no longer the done thing. There are many alternatives to choose from and their characteristics can help us according to the situation. For example, we may choose one fragrance or another depending on whether we are going to be active or more relaxed. Of course, we all have our own personality and this should match the type of fragrance we use to give the right sensation in any given situation.

2. Perfume or cologne?

A good question when we’re looking for a fragrance. The difference is in the concentration of the aromatic essences. Perfume is more intense and this should be taken into account when we put it on. It is better to use very little and that it can only be noticed “at a short distance”, as one advertisement said. Cologne is fresher and lighter, so it can even be put on more than once a day.

3. What type of aroma suits me?

This depends on each individual, but we can give you some pointers as to where to start out and what the main families of aromas are. Citrus notes bring out a fresh, tangy touch, floral notes bring sensuality to mind, woody fragrances are warm, whilst vanilla notes, with a more oriental touch, are reminiscent of the exotic. We should also highlight musk, which is one of the families of aromas with the biggest personality and the easiest to distinguish. All you have to do now it to find the combination that suits you best.

4. How do I try them?

If you’re looking for a fragrance, it is crucial not to be wearing any when you’re tying it out. From then on in it’s up to you, but don’t let yourself be influenced by others. This is a personal matter!
Choose the ones you like the most, put a few drops on your wrist, but don’t rub them in as this breaks down a fragrance’s structure, and don’t put them on clothing or jewellery. Take note of your first impression, but also of how a fragrance evolves over time. And oh! Even if you’re forced to go back another day, bear in mind that experts say that we aren’t designed to properly appreciate fragrances after having tried three.

5. Can I make my own?

After having spoken to the entrepreneurs from Be You, of course you can. Their concept consists in having a number of bottles with essential oils of different aromas and recipients to make our own creations. An entrepreneurial project that is now in the marketing stage with which they hope to create a new trend in the world of perfumes. If you’re interested, don’t lose track of them.

Be You, entrepreneurs from Andorra who have gone through the LAB Impact programme run by MoraBanc and ShipB2. To find out all other details about this programme, see the LAB Impact Andorra website or visit our website to see all of our social responsibility initiatives.

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