The €100,000 shot is back

The €100,000 shot is back

Last year’s event was a sensation, but no finalist managed to make the €100,000 shot. This season we’re back with “La cistella dels teus somnis” (The Basket of your Dreams), this year with more prizes and more chances to win.

In this second edition, the finalists will get three rounds to make a half-court shot to win a prize. The finalists can win €100,000 in the first round, €50,000 in the second, and €5,000 in the third.

The campaign was presented by Gisela Villagordo, assistant general director of MoraBanc’s Andorra Business Department, Gorka Aixàs, president of MoraBanc Andorra, and basketball player Jaime Fernández.

How does it work?

Just like the event in 2016, two finalists will be drawn in May. To participate, all you need to do is be a MoraBanc client and sign up on the website to add your name to the drawing.

Participants can increase their chances and add their names more than once by contracting MoraBanc products and services and using the bank’s digital services. Health insurance, MoraBanc investment funds, loans, mortgages: it all adds up.

You can request and transfer entries.

The entries are personal but not non-transferable. There might be MoraBanc clients who have entries and do not want to participate in the contest. These clients have the option to transfer their entries to another person online via email or on WhatsApp.

Train with the elites.

Over the next few months, drawing participants will have options to train with the players and coaches of the MoraBanc Andorra basketball team, and the final two shooters will participate in an intensive training session a few days before the contest, which will take place at halftime of the last match of the regular season against València Bàsquet on May 24.

The MoraBanc players, actors for a day

Guille Colom and Jaime Fernández dressed as surgeons at a MoraBanc branch, and Beqa Burjanadze and Moussa Diagné sing Despacito with a mini guitar. Check them out in the promotional videos for “La cistella dels teus somnis” campaign that MoraBanc will post on social media.

Short sketches starring the MoraBanc Andorra players and bank employees, who step out of their usual roles to become actors and actresses for a day. They’re both outstanding and you won’t want to miss them!

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