The Andorran passport, the most secure passport in the world

The Andorran passport, the most secure passport in the world

Since 6 February, the Andorran Government has been issuing a new generation of biometric passports with a number of security measures that make the Andorran passport the most secure in the world.

This new document comes with a chip and a laser-printed image that makes it unforgeable. In addition, the page with personal details is divided into two areas: one for visual inspection and the other for automatic readings from which state-of-the-art biometric software is able to check that all personal details and the photograph comply with all parameters to show whether or not a passport is valid. All of this means that the new passport lasts longer and is more difficult to forge, which makes it more secure.

The new passports will have two different numbers: one that shows the passport number, made up of a capital “O” plus seven digits, which is used to identify the document abroad and that will change every time a duplicate is issued or it is renewed; the other number will be a personal identification number, which will be the passport number a person has always had and that will be used for all other procedures carried out with the document.

For the time being, Andorra is the only country that has a third-generation biometric passport, although it is in the process of being introduced in other countries. The Government estimates that in 2017 between 5,000 and 6,000 passports will be issued, either as renewals or as duplicates due to theft or loss. Current passports will continue to be valid until their date of expiry.

From now on, all Andorran citizens who need to renew their passport must do so at the Government of Andorra’s administrative building or at the corresponding City Hall by just taking their passport in. It will not be necessary to go along with a photograph, as one will be taken at the time of renewal in one of the special booths set up for this purpose.

At this link to the Government of Andorra you will find more information about the new passport.

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