Once again, we have the best banking app and are the best digital bank in Andorra

Once again, we have the best banking app and are the best digital bank in Andorra

For the fourth year running, the international magazine World Finance has awarded us for best digital bank and best banking app in the country.

We are the only bank in Europe that has achieved this for 4 years running.* We are extremely proud to be the country’s international representative in matters of banking innovation and digitisation. Without you, our customers, we would never have obtained this. Thank you!

MoraBanc Digital, a team project

In December 2016, we launched MoraBanc Online and the MoraBanc App, the two major platforms for our digital bank, and in the following months in 2017 we were able to establish that figures on their use and acceptance were extraordinary. It was an extremely intense year. We were adding new features intended to enhance the experience and freedom of our customers every week.

This initiative, the result of more than two years of work based on innovative processes and methodologies of co-creation between multidisciplinary teams and customers was the crystallisation of a transformative idea promoted by MoraBanc’s Board of Directors.

We received our first awards in 2017 and couldn’t be happier: this was the recognition of the joint endeavours of a team of professionals that worked daily on an extremely important project, not just for the bank but also for the digitisation of the sector in our country.

Now, four years later following the launch, we have not stopped adding products and digital services thanks to a great team of people who work day after day to make it possible for our customers to do their banking from any place at any time.

2020, the year of digitisation

Perhaps one our most noteworthy changes last year was related to technology. The massive, forced rollout that has taken place over the past months of solutions that enabled us to remain connected and active means that technology has become a natural part of our lives.

This transformation has been largely felt in the banking sector, which found a great ally in technology in situations in which face-to-face interactions with people was not possible.

A significant issue that had to be taken into account in 2020 was the ability to be at our customers’ disposal during the pandemic through digital services that responded to the requirements of increasingly more connected users. This is why World Finance viewed the constant updating of our digital offering in a positive light. The fact that our customers have increasingly greater freedom in their affairs through digitisation was a significant point that the jury of the publication has recognised.

It also took into account projects such as digital signatures, which make it possible to take out new products and services for conducting everyday banking transactions or even more complex procedures such as opening an account or taking out a loan. Other major initiatives that were positively viewed are those related to customer services, as is the case of our chatbot for arranging medical appointments with MoraBanc Assegurances and the improvements carried out on our Online Broker, which now has information on more than 7,000 securities on international markets.

Best of all, the recognition of our customers

Although being given awards by experts from the sector always fills us with pride, the most satisfying thing for us is to know that we have the approval of our customers, who are the driving force behind everything we do.

Our efforts to have online banking equipped to respond to the requirements arising from COVID-19 have been recognised and appreciated by our customers, who have been able to carry out their banking affairs through our digital channels. Together with the improvements that we have been able to implement over the past few months, this has enabled us to be there for them when they most needed us.

And figures don’t lie! In 2020, access to our online banking platform increased by 35.1%,* a similar figure to the increase in transactions conducted digitally (+35%), of which the sale and purchase of securities and transfers can be highlighted with an increase of 166.3% and 48%, respectively.

Thus, the word that sums up this recognition is THANKS to our customers who place their trust in us every day and give us the opportunity to help and support them in their daily lives. Without them, these awards would not be possible.

Thanks also to our technology partners, who are an important part of this path towards constant innovation and to MoraBanc’s great team that works day after day to make MoraBanc Digital the leading project in the digitisation of banking in Andorra.*

* Information according to World Finance

** All figures refer to 2019

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