MoraBanc App: our new mobile bank

MoraBanc App: our new mobile bank

At MoraBanc we are aware that mobility is changing everything, whether it be the way we look for information on products and services, our buying habits, or the way we communicate and interact with others, etc.

Faced with this challenge, we have decided to launch a new application for iOS and Android smartphones. This innovative, highly visual and user-friendly app will allow you to do your day-to-day banking and check your accounts and cards easily, so you can manage your finances on a daily basis at any time and from anywhere.

We believe that mobile banking is key to improving your experience and increasing your level of satisfaction, as well as providing you with a differentiated service.

We are convinced it is the small details that make the difference. You will gradually find out how the small things in the app provide a unique digital experience, with interactive graphics, high-quality images and intuitive browsing.

We want you to get to know our app, to download it and use it whenever you need it.

That’s why I’d like to share 10 things you can do with MoraBanc’s new app:

  1. Log into your online banking account using your fingerprint (for iOS) or your user code and password.
  2. Quickly view the balances of your financial products (current accounts, savings, investment, financing) and the details of your health and life insurance policies.
  3. Easily review all your account and card movements, and quickly identify movements thanks to personalised icons for each type of income and expenditure.
  4. Send money to other MoraBanc accounts or national and international banks in the simplest way possible.
  5. Buy and sell currencies directly from your multicurrency account.
  6. Order foreign currencies for your trips abroad.
  7. View all the cards of your different accounts via a “digital wallet”, check your account movements and statements, and carry out card transactions to help you manage your expenses more easily: pay off your card balance, transfer the credit available on the card to your current account, or cancel your card immediately if it is lost or stolen, etc.
  8. Find out how much you can save by paying with MoraBanc cards in stores affiliated with our discount programme, and check out the list of stores that offer discounts. (If you would like to know more about the discounts offered by our cards, read our post “How to save on your purchases with MoraBanc cards”.)
  9. Check the location of MoraBanc’s branches and ATMs through a geolocation map and view the contact details of your account manager.
  10. Use our smart search tool to find what you need.

In this video, you can get an exciting glimpse into our new app.

This is just a small example of the things you can do with MoraBanc Digital, wherever you are and at any time. Another way of banking; digital, close and friendly.

And remember, you can download the App from our website.

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