Building experiences: MoraBanc and DEC, committed to our customers

Building experiences: MoraBanc and DEC, committed to our customers

As part of our ongoing mission to strive to satisfy our customers, we recently teamed up with DEC, the Association for the Development of the Customer Experience.

We have thus become the first company in Andorra to join the biggest independent, not-for-profit Hispanic community made up of big businesses and experts that pursue excellence in customer experience. However, this is much more than innovation: it means engaging with our customers and the banking sector in Andorra.

DEC’s main aim is for businesses to have a space for sharing their know-how, good practices and coming together to build up and preach about the customer experience as a strategic discipline in the growth of organisations.

As we explained in our post on our blog about the customer’s voice as being key to innovation, businesses that work towards putting customers at the core of their strategies can provide them with experiences (not just products and services) that are better aligned with their expectations and actual needs by delivering value and innovation alongside them.

About DEC

The Association for the Development of the Customer Experience was set up by leading experts in this field who had worked for some of the most outstanding brands in Spain and in the world. It seeks to create an active community that brings together big businesses and experts in a forum that promotes excellence and the development of the Customer Experience that puts the customer first as an organisational strategy.

The 1,700-plus businesses that form part of the DEC have been recognised for delivering unique experiences that set them apart so that they are able to cement close ties with their customers.

It is involved in a wide range of disciplines that cover research, design and analysis, through to the development and direct handling of the Customer Experience. Its members share and have an in-depth understanding of the best practices in this field and contribute to coming up with new solutions that deliver direct value to the customers in their organisations.

In addition, since 2015 it certifies experts in the field of the Customer Experience as proof of their experience, know-how and achievements on this matter.

What is the Customer Experience?

It is most important factor in the relationship of a brand or organisation with its customers, which consists in the thoughts that come to their minds as a result of all of the interactions they have with a brand.

To deliver an excellent experience, it is essential to focus on customers based on empathy in order to understand their needs and motives. In other words, it is not only a question of a series of actions but the way customers feel about a brand and interact with it should also be a major emotional ingredient to be taken into account.

Why is the Customer Experience important to MoraBanc?

Our ongoing, cross-cutting mission is customer satisfaction. That is why we are continually seeking to continue innovating in order to go beyond satisfying their needs and to try to exceed their expectations.

We make every endeavour on a daily basis so that our bank is the one our customers turn to. Because our customers are one of the three pillars that together with our human resources and society drive all of our actions.

Through programmes and initiatives such as the Voice of the Customer (VoC) (which enables us to listen to our customers on a constant, systematic and strategic basis) we are able to adapt to their needs by improving our products and services, in order to establish ever closer ties with them based on a two-way chain of communications. Another example is the certification awarded to our Customer Experience teams by DEC that accredits their expertise and experience in line with the Association’s standards, thus ensuring best practice in this field.

We believe that being members of the DEC means much more than a reminder of what drives us. It is a statement of principles on our main commitment: to continue to strive daily to deliver the best experience to our customers, the MoraBanc Experience.



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