Driving licences in Andorra

Driving licences in Andorra

When relocating to Andorra you are faced with many changes and legal obligations. Some of these changes, like exchanging your driving licence, are time sensitive.

An expat that has recently acquired a residence permit in Andorra has a period of six months (from the date of delivery of the Andorran residence permit) to exchange their driving licence for an Andorran driving licence. As Andorra is not part of the European Union the rules and regulations for obtaining an Andorran driving licence are rather detailed, this guide will help you through the process.

Obtaining an Andorran driving licence – Three main options

a) Exchanging your driving licence in Andorra

The following countries allow you to immediately exchange your driving licence for an Andorran one:

• Austria

• Begium

• Denmark

• Estonia

• Finland

• France

• Germany

• Greece

• Holland

• Ireland

• Lithuania

• Luxembourg

• Portugal

• Sweden

• Spain

• Switzerland

• United Kingdom

Those individuals that come from one of the countries mentioned in the list above must provide the following documents in order to exchange their driving licences for an Andorran one:

Your Andorran resident ID card

 Proof of residence from your municipality (approx. 7€)

 A medical certificate given to you by an Andorran doctor within the last three months (approx. 20€)

 A completed form that you can download from the Andorran government’s website, you can also find this form at your local administration authority’s office

 A recent passport sized color photo ID

 A photo copy of the front and back of your foreign driving licence accompanied by the original (which Andorran authorities will keep)

When dropping off the above-mentioned documents you will be asked to pay a fee of approximately 65€ that must be paid at the time the papers are submitted.

If your country of origin is not on the above list, then you will have to choose between option b) or c).

b) Authenticate your driving licence

If you are not from one of the countries that allows you to automatically exchange your driving licence for an Andorran one you must obtain additional documents from your country of origin before you relocate to Andorra. The following lists the required documents:

A certificate of authentication issued by the department or state that issued your driving licence

A certificate explaining the categories of motor vehicles your driving licence allows you to drive

If these documents are not in Catalan, French or Spanish you must have them officially translated into Catalan and legalized with an international apostle stamp (“The Hague Apostil”). This translation process can be completed once you have relocated to Andorra. Once Andorran authorities have accepted the validity of these documents you are required to take a basic practical driving test.

c)Retaking your driving test in Andorra

If you are not from a country that accepts the immediate exchange of your driving licence and are unable to obtain the documents requested your last option is to start from scratch by taking the Andorran driving test. The Andorran driving test is comprised of a written multiple-choice exam and a practical driving test. It should be noted that the Andorran government gives you a window of only two years from your date of entry into Andorra to take the written portion of the test in another language. If you wait to take the test, after your two years are up, you must take the test in Catalan!

Advantages of obtaining an Andorran driving licence

Contrary to many countries, the Andorran driving licence does not utilise a point system in order to determine if a driving licence should be removed from a driver. However your driving licence may be removed if you are found breaking certain road rules while driving in Andorra.

Obtaining an Andorran driving licence is obligatory for individuals with Andorran residence permits and those residing in Andorra. So if you have successfully relocated to Andorra and want to drive through this breath taking country, getting an Andorran driving licence is extremely important to avoid any legal repercussions.

Quick tip: Andorrans drive very safely and are extremely attentive to other drivers and pedestrians. Drivers should be aware that pedestrians are accustomed to drivers stopping when they enter an intersection marked for pedestrians and often enter these intersections without looking, so be vigilant. Driving in Andorra can be a pleasant experience, so we hope that this guide helps you on the road to getting your driving licence and fully settling into this wonderful country.

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