Make your business more efficient with two new online payment services from MoraBanc

Make your business more efficient with two new online payment services from MoraBanc

Because we want to make it easier for you to manage your business better and more efficiently, we now offer two new payment services with POS: Paymail and TPV Tablet.

Learn all about these new tools to help you streamline your business!


Paymail is an online platform that makes it possible to easily, quickly and safely send payment orders without an e-commerce site, that is, without the need of a business website that has an integrated virtual POS.

Payment is made through an email that is sent to the payer with the product or service invoice and a link that leads to a card payment gateway. The email recipient simply has to click on the link and enter his or her credit card information to authorize payment, just like any virtual e-commerce POS.

A username and password is required to access the online platform and send the invoice and payment link; users can configure and customize the invoice on the platform and then send it to the customer via email.

The platform can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, and invoices can be customized with your company logo as well as with any and all information you need to include. No installation is required and you can access the platform at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Payments will be collected and received as usual: you’ll receive all payments made during the day along with any POS payments.

This is a secure and reliable collection system for both you and your customers: the platform works with 3D Secure technology (verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) for maximum protection against fraud.

Paymail makes it possible to:

  • Register customers.
  • Create invoices or resend existing invoices.
  • Check if invoices are paid or pending.

This is the perfect payment method for small businesses and freelance professionals who want to send invoices online without having to develop and manage an e-commerce site.

Tablet POS System

This is a comprehensive technological solution for businesses in the food service industry like bars, restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, etc.

The Tablet POS System is a virtual platform that makes it possible to manage tables, menus, tickets, checks, stock and suppliers, even the end-to-end tracking of your business using statistics.

It includes over 100 features tailored to the needs of this type of business, simplifying management through a fast, agile, and intuitive interface.

In addition, the software provides solutions to everyday situations like dividing a check, partial payments with cards and cash, etc.

The service includes:

  • Advanced hardware and a Basic Pack that includes a tablet, a printer, a pin pad for credit card payments, and a cash drawer.
  • Custom software to manage the business as well as cash and card payments. Extremely easy to handle with dynamic and agile features.
  • Credit card payments are possible through an innovative payment gateway, which makes it possible to charge customers directly from the POS without having to enter the amount manually into the card reader, avoiding possible typing errors.

We offer this exclusive service in collaboration with a local partner, ensuring that our customers benefit from preferential purchase conditions that include:

  • Free 24-month financing for the Basic Pack and its initial start-up (purchase of hardware, support in the initial product upload and up to four hours of training). It is important to remember that this financing is subject to a solvency study and analysis by our credit department.
  • Extremely competitive monthly fee, which includes the license for the food service business management software, the periodic maintenance of the service, and the payment gateway, as well as the telephone support service provided directly by MoraBanc’s technical partner.
  • Preferential discount rate on cards for the purchase and use of the Tablet POS.

And that’s only the Basic Pack! The service can be supplemented with other devices for better kitchen (order printers) and wait staff (order machines) management and more secure billing (automatic cash collection and cash dispensing).

We are your digital innovation partner

These digital services are evidence of our commitment to a digital transformation in banking and an enhanced experience for all our customers, including businesses. We want to be an important part in helping make the daily management of your finances and banking operations easier and more efficient, without the need to make massive investments in technology, in a convenient and, most importantly, reliable and safe way.

Click here to find out everything you want to know about all our solutions for businesses. Please remember that you can always contact us through TeleBanc at +376 884 884 or fill out the form below for new information.

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