We are adapting our online documents to suit your needs

We are adapting our online documents to suit your needs

In order to enhance the user experience of our clients on MoraBanc Digital, we have made changes to the online banking transfer instruction document. From now on, whenever you make a cash transfer from MoraBanc Digital there will now be a confirmation of payment document designed to be sent to the beneficiary of the transfer.

The modifications made to this document are as follows:

– The masking of the 8 figures in the IBAN account number of the transferor.

– The removal of the “Charges”, Fees” and “IGI” fields that contain information about fees, taxes and other charges paid by the transferor.

The document will therefore only contain the information that concerns the recipient about the transfer to be received.

Finding this new proof of payment is very easy: it is on the cash transfer confirmation screen. Here, just as in all other transactions, you will find the icons with the three options for obtaining proof of payment, but the new document is only available on one of these options: Send via email.

Comprobante de transf ENG


If you have any questions or need additional information about this improvement, please contact us at any of our branches, through your personal manager, or by calling TeleBanc (+376 884 884).

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