Import letters of credit

Protection in your operations

We provide you with more safety: your payment obligation will be executed if the vendor has met the conditions specified in the letter of credit.

  • Banking intermediation guarantee

    The purchase and sale transaction is mediated by financial institution, which adds trustworthiness to the operation.

  • Flexibility

    Adaptability to the purchase and sale contract.

  • Safe payment

    Grants you the utmost legal protection.



  • The import letter of credit is an obligation issued by MoraBanc, acting as your company’s proxy (the buyer) or on its own behalf, to pay your supplier the amount indicated in the received documents, provided that the deadlines and conditions specified in the aforementioned credit are met.
  • It enables you to confirm your creditworthiness and obtain a payment deferral from your foreign supplier.
    See terms and conditions
  • MoraBanc notifies (via the SWIFT messaging system) the supplier of the credit in their home country through a correspondent bank (advising bank). This bank can act as a mere advisor and can also confirm the credit if it accepts the request that we would issue from MoraBanc.
  • There are several types of letters of credit that can adapt to your needs.
    See types
  • This operational system has three main advantages for your company:
    • Certainty that you will not have to ay your supplier until the letter of credit’s terms have not been met.
    • Intermediation by reliable (both for the buyer and for the vendor) credit institutions.
    • MoraBanc verifies the documentation and monitors the goods receipt process and all procedures so the goods arrive at their destination.
  • Multiple benefits for your supplier:
    • Certainty that the total amount will be paid within the specified deadline.
    • Convenience – they receive the payment in their own bank.
  • Application resolution within a maximum period of 7 days, as long as all required documents have been provided.
    See required documents


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