Credit Professionals

Professional financing for professionals

Have access to an overdraft facility in a current account so you can afford your payments and projects.

  • Flexibility

    You can have at your disposal up to 100% of the granted limit at any time.

  • Convenience

    An account which has an identical operational system to that of a current account.

  • Interest charged on your average balance

    You pay interest only on the overdrawn amount.



  • The credit account is a special current account with a credit limit that is agreed upon as part of a guarantee and specific conditions and interest rates.
  • Its operational system is identical to that of a current account’s – cheques and promissory notes, transfers, cards…
  • Enjoy the convenience of having an account that allows all kinds of debits and credits up to the agreed credit’s full limit during its validity period.
  • Thanks to the flexible financing provided, you can face the volatile cash requirements that your business’ seasonal activity generates.
  • It is usually allocated to the working capital financing, such as:
    • Stock financing.
    • Purchases financing.
    • Cash endowment to cover cash requirements.
    • Unexpected payment coverage.
    • You pay debit interest on the average balance.
      See terms and conditions
  • It is a transaction that, due to its purpose, is formalized in the short-term - usually after one year.
  • The capital or debit balance is returned at once on the last day of the transaction’s life, so it can be amortised beforehand.
  • Application decision within a maximum period of 15 days, as long as all required documents have been provided.
    See required documents


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