Online Stock Market

Easily invest in equities and fixed income

If you want to invest your savings in the stock market, you will find the most convenient way to do so at MoraBanc.

  • Fixed-income and equity products

    You can easily buy and sell securities, both fixed-income and equities, on the main global stock markets with real-time quotes.

  • Information on international stock markets

    Access all the information on international stock markets completely free of charge.

  • Directly from Online Banking

    You can access stock market prices, indexes and securities, as well as analysis tools and the latest news free of charge.



  • Perform transactions with Online Broker through your securities account – which is pre-opened for all MoraBanc customers.
  • You will be able to invest in the main global stock markets 100% online.
  • It is also possible to perform transactions through phone banking and in branch.
  • Free and customisable access to market information in real time.
  • Securities portfolio management and access to support tools.
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Test your shares in the stock market virtually

You will be able to simulate purchase and sales transactions with no risk through a virtual securities account – completely free and available both for customers and non-customers. This way you will be able to test your transactions in advance and evaluate their viability. Moreover, in addition to your investment simulations, the virtual securities account allows you to access to advanced tools such as e-mail alerts, information customization to receive only the information that is relevant to you and advice on securities.

Create your MoraBanc virtual securities account in just 2 steps and start to experiment now with the stock market.

Your securities account gives you more

MoraBanc Investment funds

Online and independent subscription or reimbursement of MoraBanc’s investment funds.

See MoraBanc Investment funds

Wide range of investment products

Thanks to your personal account manager , you will be able to trade in:

  • Debentures and bonds.
  • Investment funds from other leading management entities.
  • Structured products.
  • Futures and options over currency and structured indexes.
  • Currency.


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